Traditional Coffee With Comfortable Enviroment – Indahpura GC Good Coffee


GC Good Coffee is the well-known Coffee in Kulai. We love here very much, the taste of the signature coffee “GC White Coffee” is very good. The enviroment is very clean and comfortable. Before enter to the shop, you can see the board of “好咖啡” (means “Good Coffee”) hang on the top of the front door.



Inside the shop, u can look the poster design as the giant stamp on the wall, it make me feel like the Starbucks.


Another wall is the poster of the traditional coffee.


The table is small and beautiful with the wood, and the chair not the plastic chair like the old shop of Kopitiam, it feel more quality for the customer who is demand on the enviroment to dining.


Mashed Potato withe the sauce made by themselves is very delicious, it won’t taste salty and taste a little sweet is make me surprise!

IMG_1945The toast with the homemade Kaya is very delicious. I love their kaya, is fragrant and sweet, and they cut the butter in to long pieces, so that the butter can melt and spread evenly on the toast.


IMG_5692The kaya is make me going crazy…….

The round bun is full of kaya until the kaya overflow to the side of bun. The white bread is made my themselves without preservative, is very soft and taste good. 


IMG_5694The white coffee is the soul of GC Good Coffee,  It taste not like the order kopitiam coffee, it is smooth and fragrant. The taste of the white coffee of them won’t let you feel the feeling of “heavy”, it is more “light” but with strong fragrant. This is the special way that customer love their coffee. I ordered “GC White Coffee O Kosong”, but it still taste a little bit sweet, because they have mixed the sugar when roasted. It make me feel refrest and recharging after drink it !



The boss of GC Coffee is Annie Seah, who is very hospitality and generous to let us take a photo in front of the door. From her story, we know that GC Coffee is manage by  second generation and third generation. It from her grandfather until now almost 80 years. 


The shophouses of GC Good Coffee is opposite the AEON Jusco Indahpura


GC Good Coffee 好咖啡 (HQ)

 Address: 20, Jalan Kenanga 29/1 Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor. Malaysia

Tel : +6-07-663 1901

Map : 


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