Kim Wah Restaurant Kuih Stall – Senai

This stall is like the philosophy of Lao Zi, “It exitst, but you won’t feel it.” It is the most powerful of method to run the stall like this.

In my memory of childhood, I ate the kuih from them is uncountable. Each times I pass this stall, but I won’t notice them, but when I want to eat or buy kuih, I will think about them.


I love this kuih very much, it’s a type of nyonya kuih, with colourful and full of coconut fragrant. If you translate the chinese directly we call “nine storey cake/kuih”. ><

1013219_682202961797489_2022488431_nThsi is the red bean kuih is just come out and cut into small pieces, the colour of the top is green colour, it’s look very delicious. 



The kari puff is beautiful and delicious. The skin fried without greasiness but beautiful, it will get up the appetite when you see it ! The fillings with potato and egg. The potato is cook until soft and full of the taste of kari !

P_20131021_144635The shin of this kuih is full of the seasame, the fillings can choose red bean or peanut.

P_20130909_112549The Yam cake is famous too, if you want to buy it, you must go early or it will sold out very fast with the nyonya kuih.


The look of the stall, just beside the front door.


The stall just beside the front door of Kim Wah Restaurant.

Information of Senai famous kuih stall

Address :  Jalan Senai 10, 81400 Senai, Johor.



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