Burger Bakar No.1 – Nusa Bestari

IMG_3322It’s very happy to come here to try the most famous roast burger at Nusa Bestari. They prepare the fresh beef and chicken of burger meat every day, each burger meat is heavy as 200g ! Thicker than the other burger stall.  It is easy to find the situation, just beside the main road.


They put the fresh beef and chicken on the roaster, each


When the colour of the meat become dark, the seperate them to two rows.

IMG_3328They put the cheese on the meat.


The vegetable is very fresh !!! White, red and green !!!


The lettuce is fresh, green, and crisp !


The double beef burger + cheese + egg !!! The beef eat with the sauce is very delicious !!The slice of tomato is fresh and make me hungry !

Another order is double beef burger with cheese only, if you look at the 50 cent dollar, you can know how thick of the bread of the burger meat. It will make me feel it is worth to pay this price to eat !


Nightview of here is beautiful, it is the center of the new project of Iskandar.


The boss of this burger stall is a very young woman. She is hospitality to chat with customer and always smile when working.

Burger Bakar No.1

Address:  Jalan Bestari 2/2, Taman Nusa Bestari, 81300 Skudai Johor

(In front of the the parking of Giant Nusa Bestari )

Email : vetofoodmalaysia@gmail.com

Official Website : http://burgerbakarno1.blogspot.com/

facebook : https://www.facebook.com/burgerbakarno1

Map :


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