City Square 3rd Floor Kuih Stall


City Square is the landmark of Johor Bahru in Malaysia. It is the most famous shopping center with positive admire by consumer. Walk out from custom of Johor Bahru go through 3rd floor of City Square, u will look a stall sell the nyonya kuih.

IMG_5776I always love the nyonya kuih of “nine layers kuih” , the colour like rainbow make it look delicious.


They green nyonya kuih with  two layers, top layer is pandan layer and the lower layer is polished glutinous rice . The plastic cover of the kuih enhance the image of hygiene of the kuih.


The bowl kuih have two taste, the brown colour is coconut taste, and the green colour is pandan taste.



This kuih is very special, I can’t named it , but it is same with the two layers cake. The different is the polished glutinous rice have the blue colour.



The mochi is white colour and look elastic and full with the fillings.



This kuih is full of fragrant of pandan and is very delicious !



For the convenient of the customer, the workers  packing the kuih into one box.

The stall is small and beautiful with white colour. The kuih is full of the stage of the stall with neat. The container of the kuih is made by vane, feel traditional same with the kuih. If you walk from the side of custom, you will look the entrance of city square on 3rd floor. If you walk from other side, it just at the end of the food street of snack.


Address : 106-108, 3rd Floor, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000, Johor Bahru. Malaysia.

Tel : 07-221 9989 (City Square contact)
Official Website :

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